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Have You Encountered Trouble With A Property Insurance Claim? You Are Not Alone.

Although insurance policies covering property damage may seem solid when you first get your home or business property insured, the devil is in the details when it comes to obtaining benefits after a damaging event such as a storm or fire. If you have already attempted to file a claim for benefits, you may have encountered one or more of these obstacles:

  1. Insurance claims adjusters may say the damage to your property was there before the storm or any other catastrophic incident. They may tell you the damage was preexisting and or was the result of lack of maintenance.
  2. They may disagree with you or your private inspector over the extent of the needed repairs and replacement costs.
  3. The adjusters may agree to cover damage, but when they inspect your property, they may overlook some of the damage. You may not realize this until after repairs are done.
  4. Your insurer may be guilty of unfair settlement practices or bad faith insurance practices.
  5. Your insurance claims adjusters may make one excuse after another as to why they shouldn’t have to pay to repair or replace your damaged property.

None of these tactics are surprising to us at The Hodge Law Firm, PLLC. We have devoted our careers to getting justice for our clients who encounter injustice in the insurance world. Our attorneys are well-equipped trial lawyers ready to give full efforts in turning your case around. Our key piece of advice from the start is to not rely on the adjuster sent by your insurance company. You likely need to retain your own expert. Our law firm is prepared to help you through this process.

You Don’t Need To Wait For A Denial To Contact An Attorney

Some law firms encourage people to file damage claims and then to bring them to the attention of a lawyer only if they are denied. Our law firm takes a more comprehensive approach. We can prepare you for success at any stage in the recovery process when you are:

  • Preparing to make a claim
  • Gathering evidence
  • Filing a claim
  • Responding to an insurer’s request for more information
  • Responding when an insurer delays or downgrades your claim
  • Gathering more evidence, as needed (such as through a second inspection or a consultation with a repair specialist)
  • Appealing a denial or a substandard offer of benefits
  • Taking a case to mediation, arbitration or trial if necessary
  • Facing the consequences of a too-little, too-late payout of benefits

Let us review your case and explain how we can help you right the wrong when an insurer has betrayed your trust.

We Welcome Your Inquiry Without Delay

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