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Protecting Clients’ Interests In Business Disputes And Commercial Litigation

Our team of trial lawyers at The Hodge Law Firm, PLLC, in Galveston County, is available to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in the Gulf Coast region in business-to-business disputes and general commercial litigation. We are lawyers who thrive on building strong evidence and arguments in support of our clients’ positions in cases involving:

  1. Partnership disputes
  2. Shareholder disputes
  3. Employment disputes
  4. Breach of contract claims
  5. Customer disputes
  6. Insurance claims

In Pursuit Of True Wins

We consider a successful case to be one in which we have used every tool to fight for our client and delivered the best outcome attainable given the facts and the progress of a claim or lawsuit. We understand that in the business world, “winning” does not need to mean punishing one’s opponent as harshly as possible. Some business law firms are all too willing to engage in seemingly unending legal maneuvers to prove that their clients are right. But at what price?

Rather, a win for a business must take into account the bottom line. A favorable outcome, therefore, keeps a business’s financial health in clear focus at the end of the day. When clients face tough decisions, we are right there with them in the endeavor to bring a case to a rational conclusion. We are skilled litigators who shrewd business sense. We partner with our clients in strong support of the results they seek and deserve through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation leading to trial. .

Focused On Litigation, Our Lawyers Are Ready

Business owners and managers of commercial entities of all sizes and varieties regularly bring us complex disputes to resolve in their favor. Ultimately, we have faith that our clients will be ready to make the right choices in their own best interests when we have armed them with all relevant information and clear explanations of laws pertaining to their disputes

To schedule a case review, please contact us at your earliest convenience. You can visit our law offices, we can come to your location or we can confer through telecommunications to get your dispute resolution strategy underway. Call 409-241-7246 or send an email message to request a consultation with one of our business and commercial litigation attorneys.