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Defending Your Rights Against An Insurer That Denied, Delayed Or Underpaid A Claim

It is no secret that insurance companies are out to make a profit, just like any other business.  All too often, insurers unreasonably deny, delay and underpay insurance claims as a matter of course to protect their bottom lines. The Hodge Law Firm, PLLC, is available to advise you and advocate zealously on your behalf if you have been affected by any of these common tactics against claimants:

  • Denial: An insurer may deny a claim for any number of reasons, perhaps by claiming that a policy excludes coverage of a loss event or by claiming that premiums were paid late, making the policy void. We have achieved reversals of denials for these and many other reasons put forth by insurers that were attempting to deny coverage for our clients.
  • Delay: Insurers often come up with one excuse after another while delaying payment of benefits that claimants badly need after a storm, fire or any other loss incident. Some claimants give up, but we never give up on our clients’ cases as long as there is a thread of hope.
  • Underpayment: In a common scenario, claimants are desperate for relief after a loss; an insurance claims adjustment puts on an air of compassion and helpfulness, culminating in proposed low settlement of a claim or a lower-than-expected payout.

We often receive calls from potential clients who ask us, “Can I still seek more compensation if I already cashed my insurance company’s check?” Answers vary depending on circumstances, but there is nearly always hope for justice and relief when an insurer has misbehaved.

Finding A Path To Justice

Our law firm is focused on delivering justice to insurance claimants who have experienced property damage and other losses. We can help you best if we come into your case as soon as possible – ideally before you file a loss claim. However, we have turned things around for countless clients at various stages in the process of pursuing their rightful benefits. Some of our proven methods have included:

  • Meeting with insurance claims adjusters
  • Arranging for second inspections and second opinions from trustworthy experts
  • Bringing appropriate experts along to meetings with adjusters
  • Demonstrating to insurers that we are ready to take a case to trial if necessary
  • Resolving differences between a claim and an insurer’s payout (or offer) through mediation or arbitration
  • Preparing to bring a case before a judge and jury
  • Agreeing to proper adjustments in last-minute pretrial conferences
  • Going to trial as needed to get justice for our clients

Let Us Explain How Our Litigators Can Help

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