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Overcoming Wind, Hail And Hurricane Damage Claims Challenges

As a Texas resident or business owner, strong storms that cause major property damage are no news to you unless you have recently relocated from elsewhere! Storm preparedness and sometimes, storm damage repairs, are a way of life for many property owners in this area.

Storm Damage: A Regional Hazard

Especially in the Gulf Coast region where our law offices are, the potential for wind, hail and hurricane damage is a yearly cause for concern.

In the Galveston area alone, countless homeowners and commercial property owners have needed to arrange for significant repairs at least once. Some have rebuilt using more storm-resistant materials and designs after major losses. We can see the results when we drive through town and witness how many properties along the coastline are now built on stilts, out of the range of floods.

Likewise, many properties have permanent storm shutters attached to them so that windows can be protected during hailstorms, derechos (strong straight-line winds) and hurricane-like storms. However, many properties are damaged from time to time in storms involving hail, wind and hurricane-like forces, along with surges and other repercussions.

What We Have To Offer

We offer you the opportunity to have one of our lawyers review your case at no charge. Please bring photos of the damage to your property to your initial consultation, if relevant. One of our attorneys can go over the facts, your concerns and your options, including:

  • The type of damage: Is it visible or likely hidden? Is it superficial – such as loose shingles – or structural, such as your home’s frame knocked off its foundation?
  • How the damage happened: Was your property damage caused by wind, water, flying debris, falling trees or vandals taking advantage of an open wall after a storm?
  • Steps you may need to take: Do you need a first inspection or a second-opinion inspection? Or do you need a lawyer to go to bat for you accompanied by a qualified roofer (for example)?
  • Difficulties you have already encountered with an insurance damage claim: Is your insurer unresponsive? Are representatives acknowledging but minimizing the damage through the company’s estimate?  Are there coverage questions made worse by the companies’ questionable interpretation or terms in your policy?

Answers To Your Questions

Having helped many other Texans in situations similar to yours, our accomplished litigators are very familiar with the challenges you face. We are ready to guide you through making an insurance claim, fighting back over delays or appealing a denied claim. Schedule a free consultation by calling 409-241-7246 or sending an email inquiry.