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After Disaster Strikes Your Property

Regardless of precautions taken and in spite of solid construction methods and materials, sooner or later, you may face the need to pursue insurance benefits after:

  • A large windstorm, hailstorm or hurricane
  • A fire, an act of vandalism or damage caused by a property defect
  • The collapse of a staircase, a wall or another part of a building due to structural defects

Perhaps an unfortunate event like these happened to you recently, damaging your home, house of worship or commercial property. The Hodge Law Firm, PLLC, extends a warm welcome. We have devoted our careers to helping Texans fight back when insurance companies play hard to get. We are skilled litigators here for you at a time like this.

Facing An Unknown Future Starting Now

When a property that you live in or use regularly is damaged, you have both short-term urgent problems to solve and long-term concerns about the quality of repairs and how you will get the bills paid. At our law firm serving insurance claimants, we are deeply familiar with the challenges you face, including:

  • Figuring out where to stay or where to store contents of the property that need protection
  • Determining how to conduct your normal business or other activities until repairs are complete
  • Determining how to maximize the benefits you can recover from your private insurer, public disaster assistance or other sources
  • Getting a credible estimate about how long the repair or replacement process will take
  • Understanding how insurance estimates are made and how to contest yours if you believe they are unrealistically low
  • Knowing what to expect over the coming weeks or months until your property is fully repaired or replaced and ready for use once again

If You Encounter Trouble

First, realize that not all property claims are alike. Some of the factors that can affect a property claim’s results are:

  • The policy terms and the insurer’s interpretation of them
  • Timing (Procrastination is not recommended when it comes to major property damage claims.)
  • Who handles your claim: The claims adjuster, the inspector, your lawyer, the mediator if the case goes to mediation, the judge and/or jury if an appeal goes to trial, and so on
  • The precise nature and extent of the damage: Is the damage superficial, structural or out of sight? What will it take to repair or replace it?
  • The area of the property that sustained the most damage: Walls, the roof, windows, the foundation, the chimney, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system or other parts
  • Market forces: Are the materials that you need in short supply, or is there a shortage of repair specialists?

Get answers and help now. We are confident that we can make a difference in your property damage claim in the Gulf Coast region or elsewhere in Texas. Our strong track record of wins for past clients speaks for itself.

The Hodge Law Firm, PLLC, Is Here For You

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