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FAQ on property damage insurance claims for Texas natural disasters

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Property Damage Insurance Claims |

In Texas, homeowners can face any number of natural disasters. Your property may suffer damage and hence you may need to file property damage insurance claims. 

To help with your insurance claim, here are some common property damage questions, answered by the Texas Department of Insurance. 

Should you make immediate repairs? 

Your first instinct may be to make repairs to your property as soon as possible. What you should do is make any temporary repairs that will protect your property. You do not want to make any repairs permanent until after the adjuster arrives and inspects the damage. Your policy may cover any of the temporary repairs that you make too. 

Do policies cover detached garages? 

Normally, your policy should cover any structures that are on your property. These structures normally have at least 10 percent of the coverage that you have on the main structure on your property. 

Can you accept payments from your insurer and FEMA? 

After a natural disaster, you may qualify for FEMA assistance. This should not take away from what you receive from your insurance policy. Different policies cover different types of damages. This means that you may have damages that you do not have insurance coverage for. In this case, FEMA assistance can cover this damage. 

What are natural disasters? 

Natural disasters, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, may include hurricanes, wildfires, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes and winter storms. These disasters can lead to catastrophic damage to homes and property. Hurricanes, for instance, do not only affect the coast but can travel several hundred miles.