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3 cruise-ship injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Maritime Law |

Passengers on cruise ships want to see the sights. They want to travel in style. They want many things, but nobody wants an injury.

Most cruise line operators have strict safety regulations, and most captains run a tight ship. However, onboard accidents still often result in serious injuries.

1. Slip-and-fall injuries

Everyone knows ship decks can be wet and slippery. Crews keep floors, stairs, and observation areas as clean as possible — if all responsible parties are doing their jobs correctly.

Of course, there are other dangers other than errant seawater. Between improper signage on a pool deck, leaky bathroom fixtures, or even faulty vending area equipment, it turns out to be easy for vacationers on a cruise to slip or fall due to cruise ship operator negligence.

Tragedy can also strike dramatically. Despite safety measures, or perhaps due to a lack of them, there is the possibility of drowning in a swimming pool accident or if someone falls overboard.

2. Entertainment injuries

Cruise-ship staff members offer various kinds of recreational activities during the voyage to entertain the passengers. Water activities, floor shows and sky rides are common features, but they are not without risk.

Maintenance and operational negligence abound. Vacationers may suffer from back or shoulder injuries; traumatic brain injuries; crushed bones; damaged organs; burns or a host of other unpleasant problems when they just wanted a bit of entertainment.

3. Food injuries

Bacteria spread quickly in cruise ship facilities. They might be relaxing, but pools and jacuzzies are perfect breeding places. When using these facilities on board, vacationers stand a chance to get infected.

Hungry buffet-goers might also get more than they bargained for out of their all-inclusive packages. Food injuries could result in serious medical conditions on board, with limited access to medical care. This is especially disheartening if the food is negligently prepared or if the passengers have an allergic reaction due to a menu mix-up.

There is no reason to avoid cruises outright. Most ships are safe. Most operators care. However, there is also no reason for passengers to accept less than they deserve for their injuries from these powerful corporations.