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Wrong-way collision in Houston kills two

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Personal Injury |

There is an inherent risk with traveling on Texas’ roads and highways. The potential of an accident always exists, yet local motorists often accept these risks due to the assumption that the others that they share the road with likely take as much care in avoiding accidents as they do. 

In a majority of situations, that assumption proves true. Yet there are those rare cases where one takes to the road with an indifference for the safety of others. Whatever their motives may be, the impact of their actions is often catastrophic. 

Head-on collision on North Beltway produces fatal outcome

This fact was on full display in a recent accident on the North Beltway in Houston. Two vehicles collided head-on in the late-night hours. According to the local ABC News affiliate, one driver dies at the scene. First responders transported the other driver to a local hospital for treatment, yet unfortunately, they later succumbed to their injuries. The subsequent investigation revealed that one of the vehicles hit the other while traveling in the wrong direction (although law enforcement officials did not disclose which of the drivers caused the accident). 

Compensation following a fatal collision

Many people might look at cases like this and wonder what the point of those impacted by them taking legal action may be (given that the parties responsible for the collisions died in them). Yet that fact does not erase the need accident victims may have for compensation. In such a scenario, one can attempt to seek compensation from one’s estate. Yet doing so can involve complex legal processes. For this reason, those seeking such compensation may do well to enlist the services of an experienced legal professional.