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San Antonio social media figure killed in crash

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

New drivers take to Texas’ roads every day. Those already traveling on them often understand the need for them to gain experience behind the wheel, as only that experience will ultimately make them safe and responsible motorists.

The trouble is that the journey to that experience is often fraught with risk. Teen drivers demonstrate reckless tendencies more than almost any other demographic (including speeding, driving while drunk, and traveling at odd hours). These tendencies not only increase the risk of the drivers themselves suffering harm, but also those involved in an accident they may cause.

Four killed in chase with local police

Sadly, those involved include the passengers in a teen driver’s own vehicle (who are typically their close friends). This fact was again on full display in a collision that recently occurred involving a San Antonio social media personality. According to MySA.com, the 19-year-old fled in a vehicle, which police tried to stop in the early morning hours. While fans of his social media page confirmed the vehicle matched the one he drove, authorities have not confirmed whether he was the driver in this instance. While fleeing, the vehicle lost control and hit a tree. The teen and the other three occupants of the vehicle died in the collision.

Compensation following a devastating crash

Cases such as this often serve as heartbreaking examples of relationships strained by the reckless actions of a few select individuals. While accident victims (or their families) certainly do not want to file a lawsuit against a friend, the inordinate expenses that often accompany a car accident may force them to do so. While difficult, such action may be the only way to secure the financial compensation they so desperately need.