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Dealing with unreasonable demands from your insurance company

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Sometimes insurance companies ask for the impossible, leaving you feeling frustrated and powerless. In Texas, an insurance company generally has 15 days to request information after a claim. However, they can stretch out the deadline to 45 days if they come up with a reason.

Insurers often make unreasonable requests to delay the claims process in hopes that you will give up. To prepare for this type of situation, you should know what to expect.

Demanding proof without a thorough investigation

Your insurance company may want you to produce proof of damages before they start the investigation. This can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially if you are in pain or dealing with a serious injury. It is important to stand your ground and make sure that your insurer does a thorough investigation and looks at all the facts.

Demanding proof of losses that are irrelevant

Insurance companies sometimes ask for proof of losses that have nothing to do with the policy. For example, they may ask you to provide a receipt for a doctor’s visit that has nothing to do with the accident. While your insurer may eventually cover these expenses, they should not include them in your current claim.

Demanding proof of injury before a medical record is final

In some cases, your insurance company might ask you for medical records before your doctor finishes them. This can be a problem if the injury is not visible or if the symptoms are not immediate. Let your insurance company know if a medical record is still in the works.

You should not allow your insurance company to jerk you around. Knowing your rights can help you get a better deal and take back some control.