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What is Texas doing to fight distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, it is imperative that your focus is completely on the task of driving. If you divert your eyes from the road, focus your attention on something else or even move your hand from the steering wheel, then you are driving distracted. The issue with distracted driving is that it kills. Accidents caused by drivers who are not focusing on driving can be fatal. 

To combat distracted driving, which is a huge issue everywhere in the state, the Texas Department of Transportation has multiple campaigns to help bring attention to the issue. Making you more aware of what can happen if you drive distracted can make you more conscious about what you do when behind the wheel. Such campaigns save lives. 

Heads Up, Texas campaign 

This campaign helps to educate drivers of all ages. It began in 2019 as a media campaign and also a tour of education and engaging activities. The campaign partners with AT&T’s distracted-driving virtual reality experience to help drivers experience the dangers of distracted driving. 

Talk. Text. Crash. campaign 

This campaign helps to raise awareness and encourage drivers to stop using cell phones when driving. Through the campaign’s message, TDOT works to make drivers aware of the dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel and brings to light the many accidents that occur due to distracted driving. It also seeks to educate drivers on what constitutes distracted driving and the laws in the state that ban certain activities while driving in an effort to reduce distracted driving incidents.