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What are some weather-related road hazards to look out for?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

On the road, there are countless risk factors that lead to car crashes. Drunk drivers, high speeds and chaotic traffic lead to many wrecks. However, there are other concerns when it comes to motor vehicle collisions, such as inclement weather. 

Bad weather can affect road conditions and lead to a collision. This blog will examine some of the common weather-related road hazards that drivers need to watch out for. 

Ice, wind and fog 

On their website, the Federal Highway Administration goes over some of the different ways in which weather affects road conditions. During the winter months, certain parts of the country experience very cold temperatures, leading to ice on the roadway. Drivers sometimes lose control of their vehicles after going over an icy patch, especially if they are traveling at a high rate of speed. Wind also creates concerns with respect to road safety, especially when it comes to debris, dust and blowing snow. Furthermore, fog can significantly affect visibility and lead to an accident when drivers are unable to see other vehicles or road hazards. 

Heavy rain 

Heavy rain is also very concerning, not only because it interferes with visibility but also increases the odds of a driver losing control, especially around turns. Rain is problematic throughout the year and sometimes comes unexpectedly. During a sudden downpour, drivers sometimes need to pull off the road and wait for conditions to improve. Sadly, poor weather conditions are responsible for many motor vehicle collisions and some of these accidents result in the loss of life or cause those involved to sustain serious injuries.