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Three-car crash in Nacogdoches sends woman to hospital

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Some people in Galveston may think that attempts to assign blame following a car accident do nothing to help accident victims (after all, they cannot reverse the results of a collision). They might believe it better to allow all involved to simply move on with their lives. This is especially true in those cases where it may not appear any criminal actions contributed to an accident.

Yet this line of thinking overlooks the fact that almost any accident can be costly (whether those costs come from medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, or a combination of both). Oftentimes, accident victims seeking compensation are not doing so out of any sense of vindictiveness; rather, they may need that assistance to help deal with the financial burdens brought on by an accident).

Investigators looking into three-vehicle crash in Nacogdoches

Such burdens likely await a Nacogdoches family after one of their own sustained serious injuries in a three-car collision at a local intersection. Reports state that a man driving a pickup truck collided with a car crossing at an intersecting road. Such was the force of the collision that it pushed both vehicles northbound, eventually colliding with another truck. Authorities did not detail the state of the drivers of the trucks; the woman driving the car, however, required treatment at a local hospital (and a subsequent transfer to another medical facility).

The importance of determining liability

Without assigning liability for a car accident, it may be difficult for accident victims to secure the compensation they need through either insurance assistance or legal action. Thus, the results of accident investigations may be vital to those who need such help. Having an experienced personal injury attorney in one’s corner may help ensure such results lead to needed assistance.