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Pregnant woman killed, husband injured, in Texas crash

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Any serious motor vehicle accident that involves a child is tragic because children are always innocent victims in a crash. However, it may be even more tragic when the child never had a chance at life at all.

An accident that occurred recently on a highway west of Tyler, Texas, killed a 26-year-old woman who was nine months pregnant with her first child. A Facebook post by a family member indicates that her unborn baby did not survive. Her 40-year-old husband survived the crash but sustained severe injuries.

Failure to yield

The crash occurred over the weekend when the couple was traveling east on Highway 64 toward Tyler. The husband, who was driving, had the right of way as the 60-year-old operator of a second vehicle attempted to pull out of a driveway. A Department of Public Safety preliminary report indicates that the accident occurred because the second driver failed to yield to the oncoming vehicle.

Transportation to hospital

All parties to the crash required transportation to the hospital, where the mother-to-be later died. Both her husband and the driver of the second vehicle remain hospitalized, though it is not clear whether they are in the same facility. Regardless, each reportedly remains in critical condition.

Potential for prosecution

There is no indication from authorities whether any factors, such as distraction or impairment, on the part of the other driver may have contributed to the crash. Authorities have not mentioned any intention to file criminal charges. However, Texas law makes it possible to prosecute the death of an unborn baby caused by someone else.