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How should you handle disagreements about a claim settlement?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Property Damage Insurance Claims |

After your home sustains damage, you may expect your insurance company to offer you a settlement so that you can make repairs. Sometimes, though, the settlement may not be what you were expecting. When this happens, you may wonder how you should handle the situation. 

When you and your insurance company disagree about the settlement, there are a few steps you should take. 

Look at your policy

According to Nerd Wallet, your homeowners insurance policy explains your coverage. Additionally, it usually includes information about the maximum amount the insurance company may pay for a settlement. Reviewing this document can help you understand what you may reasonably expect from your insurance company. If your insurer offered a settlement that is considerably lower than the amount listed on your policy, this document can help support your claim. 

Get an appraisal

It may be a good idea to have the opinion of an expert. An appraiser can walk through your home and estimate the damage. Additionally, an appraiser usually puts together a report on the findings. This outside opinion may be helpful if you decide to appeal the settlement. 

Request a walk-through

You may also ask an adjuster from your insurance company to perform a second inspection. During this inspection, you can point out aspects of the damage that the adjuster may have missed the first time. Additionally, you can ask your appraiser to come to this inspection. This professional can explain how he or she evaluated the damage. This step may help the insurance company understand the full extent of the damage to your home. 

These steps may help you and your insurance company come to an agreement about the settlement. If you still experience problems, you may need to take more serious action.