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What should you do if you collide with an electrical pole?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Personal Injury |

While electricity is a vital part of modern society, electrical wires can be deadly. In fact, according to reporting from ABC News, a man and his pregnant wife recently collided with a utility pole in Texas City. When the man stepped out of his vehicle after the crash, a downed wire electrocuted him.

As a safety-focused driver, you should have a plan for dealing with downed wires following a serious car accident. After all, even if you drive responsibly, another motorist may push your vehicle into a power pole.

Survey the scene

If your car is near fallen wires after a car accident, it is critical to survey the scene before exiting your vehicle. That is, you should investigate whether power lines are touching your car. Remember, even if lines are a few feet away, they may have electrified the ground.

Call for help

Because your car has rubber tires that do not conduct electricity, you are not likely to suffer electrocution inside your vehicle. Therefore, if it is safe to remain in your call, you should do so and call 911 for help. On the other hand, if your car is on fire or poses other risks, leaving the vehicle may be necessary.

Jump to safety

If you must exit your vehicle, it is essential not to touch any part of your car and the ground simultaneously. By jumping to safety and landing with both feet on the ground, you prevent electricity from moving through your body.

Other motorists may approach to try to help, so you should tell them to stay at least 30 feet from downed wires. Ultimately, though, by keeping yourself and others as far away as possible from fallen lines, you may emerge from the accident without suffering additional injuries.