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How to prepare for litigation

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | B2B Commercial Litigation |

Although more companies are turning toward alternative dispute resolution methods, for more complex cases, litigation is still a common choice. Because of the time and money, a court case takes, preparation is imperative for the best outcome.

If you are facing litigation, there are some things to keep in mind.

Gather all relevant evidence

According to the Business Partner Magazine, you will need to locate and gather evidence, which may include financial records, written agreements, banking statements and other paperwork. Never destroy or fabricate evidence. Along with the paperwork, there may be individuals who can speak on your behalf, so you will need to get their testimonies.

Limit communication with the other party

It may be tempting to communicate or work with the other side, as you may think it will help the case. However, the Bellevue Gazette states that you should limit all communication, including verbal, written and electronic. Any and all communication should occur between the legal representation of each party.

Continue with daily operations as normal

Preparing for a court case can take a lot of time and energy, even when you have an organization system that makes it easy to locate necessary documents. This energy can take the focus away from your business’s daily operations. However, you should ensure that operations continue as normal. This includes responding to customer requests, reading and answering emails, attending meetings and arriving on time.

Although preparation helps, it does not guarantee a positive outcome. Everyone involved in the litigation process should be aware of the importance of transparency when it comes to evidence and witness statements.